A unique consulting firm, comprised of experienced campground owners, who can and will teach you how to analyze, operate, market and renovate your campground to its fullest potential. 

Who are the Fixers?

Gary and Cathy Reinard have worked within the campground hospitality industry for over twenty years. They have purchased, renovated, operated and sold multiple campgrounds. They have experience in both of the major campground franchises, KOA and Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks. Their hands-on approach with each part of their business has provided them with a variety of award winning skills that have proven to work – keeping their campgrounds in the top 5-10% of the country. Now that they have retired from active campground ownership they are ready to share their knowledge and passion for the industry with you.


Our Services

We offer the following services: Business Plan Drafting, Pro formas, Income Review, Site and Facility evaluations, Market Studies, Rate Management, Renovation Services, Image and Reputation Changes, Employee Training and more! In short, we will teach you all the skills you need to know to create, fix and maintain a campground that will help you be financially successful in this industry.

Why us?

We aren't the only consultants in this industry. So why choose us? Put simply,  it's because we're different, we have truly lived it.


We have taken the risk of believing in only ourselves multiple times. We've had those sleepless nights, those kitchen table days of pouring over budgets. We have already experienced the things we recommend to you.


We can teach you that it is not about how much money you spend, more how you use it.  You can be more successful than your competitors by taking the time to analyze how your money will be spent and what things will actually maximize your income with the customers you already have, while attracting new ones.

We can't promise you there won't be sleepless nights,  as small business ownership will always have some, but we will make your park successful so it will all be worth it in the end.

Our goal is to make campground ownership fun and profitable - so that there will always be a place for people to experience the great outdoors.



"Cathy and Gary Reinard have great vision, insight and experience in the campground industry. Their ability to see new or alternate opportunities with existing resources is a wonderful asset.  After visiting our park, they made helpful suggestions for changes in how we market key features, ideas on how to use our wilderness cabins differently and shared connections they had with vendors and contractors.  They make a great team and obviously love what they do!  They live the mantra “helping improve others raises the whole industry” and are a credit to the campground business.  We recommend them." 

Joe and Vanessa Leto, Brook n Wood Family Campground

"We needed help in reconfiguring our existing sites to more easily accommodate today’s big rigs. Gary was a terrific help in getting us started on this project. Gary and Cathy are the best consultants you could ever hire because they’ve actually done it all themselves. "

Justin & Carissa Vannoy
Bemidji KOA