Skill Sets of the Fixers

Gary’s  vision for facility improvements is rivaled by none. He sees opportunity where others only see disaster. He has the talent for redesigning and repurposing buildings, outdoor spaces  and campsites that others wish they had. After purchasing several diamonds in the rough, he had to develop and expand his skills to renovate in the most cost-efficient way.  Like he taught himself, Gary can teach you what is possible to do yourself while still creating a professional looking outcome - allowing you to save money on future projects. Together he can help you make the tough choices, what's worth your money and time! 


Cathy’s domain is the paperwork and the people. Her skills cover long term planning, day to day operations, marketing, store merchandising and product mix. Cathy will help you write business plans, evaluate parks for purchase and create budgets and forecasts. She can help you create an activity and theme weekend plan unique to your property and the skills you and your employees have. She will teach you the importance of sticking to your vision for your park and the process of rebranding if necessary to achieve that vision. She can teach you and your staff the necessary customer service skills that increase repeat business.

This pair of fixers have often been called bookends by others. What one can't do the other can. They know it is their diverse skill sets that have allowed them to be successful in the industry.


Call them today at 518-755-0792 and let them share their skills with you.